In mid-August, the annual data on occupational accidents in the construction sector for the period July 20 – June 21 were made public and the data could not be more discouraging. Despite the incidence of the pandemic in economic activity – GDP contraction and total stoppage of activity for more than a quarter – the data indicate that the total incidence of occupational accidents increased, placing the number of accidents at 74,720; of these, 110 were fatal. These figures place the construction sector as the most dangerous work activity, well above the industrial sector and higher than that of the agricultural sector.

From GRUPO TAVER INSTACLACK we understand that ending this scourge is the responsibility of the actors who act in the sector. We are aware of the importance of our human capital, to which we give the highest value, that is why we are committed to adopting preventive measures and to undertake the necessary corrective actions to maintain and develop an adequate and safe space for work. Knowledge of the rules, their respect, and the assurance that employees and collaborators receive adequate training in preventive matters are part of the Group’s heritage.

It is true that in our activity we develop a very high interdependence with the rest of the professionals working in the sector; It is also true that each one of us has an area of ​​responsibility and if we are able to improve in what is in our hands we will contribute to the reduction of the accident rate: because our contribution to the number of accidents will decrease and because we will have a positive influence on the performance of our partners in the projects we undertake. The improvement of the aggregate data is achieved from the individual improvement.

Ending workplace accidents is up to each one of us.