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Modular Shelving

Our modular shelving is the perfect complement for cold rooms and for any space with storage needs. They make it easier to organise the available space, maximising and optimising it.


They have been manufactured following the European Quality Management System under the ISO 9001 Certification, to comply with the requirements indicated in the HACCP standards. In addition, they have obtained the NF food hygiene certification, and complying with the standards of the AFNOR certification system in quality and hygiene of products, processes and facilities in accordance with current technical health regulations.

Advantages of our modular shelving:

· Easy to assemble and expandable: Its modular system without screws, does not require tools for installation, allows easy assembly and disassembly, and can be used in other areas, in addition to being able to be expanded by adding more components.


· Hygienic and Safe Components: Its shelves can be washed in the dishwasher, are NF certified and follow HAPPC and Afnor hygiene and safety standards.


· They are versatile: The quality of its components has made it perfect to be in professional kitchens, in cold rooms, in laundries… Any space that needs organization.


· Customizable: They have a wide variety of accessories that allow them to be useful in their different spaces. Among its accessories you can find: flat shelves, label holders, dividers, wheels with and without brakes…
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Technical specifications

of Modular Shelving:

  • Shelves made of 15 micron anodized aluminum, with high resistance.
  • They resist temperatures between –40ºC and +80ºC, without losing their properties.
  • Different configurations: linearly, L-shaped or U-shaped.
  • They have a maximum load of:
    • Up to 200 kg per shelf on shelves equal to or less than 1035mm in length.
    • Up to 150 kg per shelf on shelves between 1035 and 1580mm in length.
  • Variety of dimensions:
    • Shelving width 370mm and 470mm with heights of 1670mm and 2000mm.
    • Gastronorm shelving 1/1 wide 560mm with heights of 1670mm and 2000mm.


Modular Shelving Details


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