panel constructivo
panel constructivo

Construction panels

Construction Panels Tabiclack® is a revolutionary, versatile and multipurpose construction system.


Includes Taver know-how as specialist in insulating panel in the construction industry, providing a high performance modular panel as a substitute for the construction of traditional partition walls and dropped ceiling, with the clear goal of minimising the building time and making the building process easier thanks to its functional design.


This sandwich panel is specially made for architectonical solutions and can incorporate the mechanical
union system Instaclack in order to improve the assembly, making it easier and faster.


The whole system is preassembled and ready to be assembled on site. Thanks to its exclusive joint union
design between panels, each module can be easily assembled with the following module, reaching a perfect continuum and planimetry in the whole surface.


Its infinite finishing customisation (ESB, multiplex panels, fibre cement panels, Recyclack® panels… and many others) let Tabiclack to be used in any building shaping your dreams.

panel constructivo

TABICLACK® Advantages

· Versatility, countless customising finishings


· Multipurpose


· It does not require neither fasteners nor metallic structure for its placement


· Bigger resistance to impacts


· Precise preassembly


· Maximum planimetry


· Fully equipped with an internal conduction crossing system

grafico tabiclack

· Promptness of assembly and installation


· Thermic insulation continuity assured


· Sustainability and energy saving thanks to its insulation performance


· Higher insulating capacity compared to dry partition walls traditional constructive systems


· Hidden ceiling suspension system without visible elements


· Compliance of CTE (Spanish Technical Edification Code) technical requirements


· B-s1,d0 Certificate

Download the TabiClack technical sheet

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