Taverkont 1
Taverkont 2

Continuous Panel

Taverkont 3

· Continuous panel with seal specially designed for cooling applications


· Excellent insulating and structural performance


· Standard plate coating: lacquered polyester Z140 (Z200 optional) and 25 μ with Food Hygiene Certificate


· Multiple finishings which adapt to the needs of the project: lacquered, polyester, PVC, Granite HDX, PET,HPS, PVDF… and many others


· Guaranteed insulation PIR core density of 40kg/m³ or 38kg/m³


· Standard’s plate thickness 0.5mm (0.4mm and 0.6mm as an option)


· Available width: 1100mm and 1185mm


· Panel’s length: from 2000mm


· Available thickness:

grosor panel

Available all necessary accessories to complete your installation

· The frigorific panel is rectified using a milling at the end of the production line in order to guarantee low assembly tolerances for an optimal insulation.


· Rubber and foam free special design of the joint, allowing a continuous insulation. Its tongue and groove systems provide a perfect finish both at a thermal and aesthetic level.


· Totally automatized production, guaranteeing a quick delivery with the best conditions.


· CE Marking and Certificates: B-s1,d0, reaction to Fire.


· Wide range of colours: BP1006, B9010, Brick Red, Stainless Steel, Green, Cream, Silver Metallic, R9003.