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Facade panel TAVERFAC F-PIR®

Taverfac 1

· Taverkont® facade panel is an ideal solution for closing of facades, industrial buildings and all kinds of constructions.


· Lengthwise assembly by a joint union system, hiding the fastening screws thanks to its design.


· Useful width: 1095mm


· Length of the panel: from 2000mm onwards


· PIR insulating core with a guaranteed density of 40kg/m³ or 38kg/m³


· Metal sheet thickness 0.5mm (other thicknesses available on request)


· Available panel thickness:


Available all necessary accessories to complete your installation

grossor panel

· Finishings: plain, ribbed and micro-ribbed


· Certificates: B-s1,d0, FM APPROVED in its highest certification (against hurricanes), performance against fire B Roof (t1) and CE marking.


· Wide range of colours: B9010, Brick Red, Green, Cream, Silver Metallic, R9003. Other colours: upon request.