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Cold Rooms Accessories

Complete the installation with the necessary Cold Rooms Accessories:

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Pivoting Doors

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Sliding Doors

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Swinging Doors

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Service Doors

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Slat Curtains

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Glass Windows

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High-Speed Doors

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Sectional doors

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Emergency items

Different floor options

Cámaras Frigoríficas Modulares

Anti-slip reinforced flooring

·100 mm thick non-slip reinforced floor.

·8,000 Kg/m2 allowable static load and 400 Kg allowable dynamic load distributed on four rolling points (only manual trucks allowed—no pallet trucks).

Cámaras Frigoríficas Modulares

White Lacquered Flooring

·100 mm thick flooring made of white lacquered steel sheet with polyethylene protective film.

·8,000 Kg/m2 allowable static load. Do not roll unless adequate protection is provided.

Cámaras Frigoríficas Modulares

No floor includes

·”U” profile sheet to easily attach the vertical panel to the floor

·Concave PVC profile for a sanitary finish on the interior perimeter of the floor

Modular Shelving System

Modular shelving system for bin exchange and food treatment in cold rooms and professional kitchens.

Características técnicas

  • L or U-shaped linear distribution.
  • Made of 15 micron anodised aluminium
  • High-resistance polyethylene shelves
  • Operating Temperature: – 40ºC to + 80ºC
  • Maximum Load:
    • 120 kg for shelves < 1 metre
    • 100 kg for shelves > 1 metre
  • Available sizes:
    • Standard Shelving
      • Available widths are 370 mm or 470 mm
      • Available heights are 1670 mm or 2000 mm
    • GN Shelving (Gastronorm system)
      • Available widths are 385 mm or 560 mm
      • Available heights are 1750 mm or 2000 mm
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Product Benefits

✔ Easy to Clean: Shelves are easily removed and can be washed in dishwasher. Pillars and crossbeams are easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

✔ Easy to Assemble: Modular system allows different configurations maximising the available space.
Assembly does not require screws or tools.

✔ Stainless: Full guarantee against oxidation or corrosion

✔ Robustness and Strength: The assembly system ensures they can withstand high loads without requiring any type of adjustment or special fixation. elevadas sin necesidad de ningún tipo de ajuste o fijación especial.

✔ NF food hygiene certification


· Horeca
· Pharmaceutical Industry

· Distribution
· Hospital sector

· Hospital sector
· Recycling cabins

The Instaclack® modular panel has a wide range of finishing allowing it to be customized according the needs of each project:

· Lacquered White Pyrenees 1006
· Stainless steel · PVC · Granite HDX®
· Silver metalic (9006)

· Phenolic (HPL)
· Flat or Embossed polyester

· Cement bonded light – concrete
· Gypsum Board
· DM · Viroc® and others