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Industrial door solutions

Portiso is dedicated to the manufacture of industrial doors for cold rooms, air-conditioned rooms and clean rooms. Currently, it is one of the main European manufacturers in the sector. It has a very wide range of products for all types of applications and is investing heavily in R&D, technology, new products and certifications to comply with regulations, respond to intensive industrial use and contribute to energy savings. Portiso is part of Purever Industries, one of the leading industrial groups in the European insulation market.

Technology and R&D

Tailor-made technical solutions with special features according to the specifications required by our clients, adapting them to each market. Our R&D departments work on optimizing our doors, ensuring that every day we have cleaner, more technological products that favor energy savings and durability of the different components.


Our doors and automated products have been manufactured in accordance with European safety regulations and obtained the CE market. The refrigerated doors are manufactured with PUR isothermal panel certified in reaction to fire (Bs2 d0) and on request with PIR panel (Bs1 d0).

Efficiency and Sustainability

Our products have been designed to reduce energy consumption, better preserve stored goods, optimize input and output flows, being essential to achieve modern and efficient facilities. Furthermore, its design allows for simple installation and little maintenance.

Customer service

We help our clients choose the right door for each need, we provide them with complete documentation of all our products, we advise them to carry out the installation correctly and we have a very effective after-sales service to respond to any incident.


Our factories operate with a regulated quality management system certified to ISO 9001. Quality departments check the finish of all products before leaving the factory, ensuring that they meet established standards.


We train our customers throughout the door installation process to ensure the skills necessary to install our doors in the most efficient manner. Likewise, installers can visit our factories to receive complete information.
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