Taver with the preservation of the planet 1

Taver with the preservation of the planet

We are finishing a week dedicated to raising awareness about the obligation to work for the preservation of the planet. Seven days in which three events invite us to reflect on the wealth that we receive from nature and the need to take care of it through action.

On Monday, the United Nations invited us to celebrate the International Day of Forests, also sponsored by the FAO, which puts the focus on the need for sustainable exploitation of forests. “Lungs of the entire Earth”, forests are a guarantee of diversity.

On Tuesday we celebrate World Water Day, a celebration established by the United Nations Conference in 1992 and created with the aim of raising awareness about its rational use.

And on Saturday, the last of March, we will celebrate Earth Hour: the call for a voluntary electricity blackout in which people and companies are asked to turn off lights and non-essential electrical appliances between 8:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. . The initiative is an idea of ​​WWF that with this act aims to give visibility to the need to take urgent measures against climate change.

At @grupotaver we incorporate care for the Environment into our code of ethics; We are committed to complying with the best environmental practices in all our activities, by preventing any adverse impacts they may have, as well as conserving natural resources. With this objective, for example, we have invested in electricity self-generation until reaching 100% of our consumption.

At @grupotaver we develop products with the aim of generating energy savings thanks to their high performance in insulation and hermeticity. Taver insulating panels are a good investment to save costs.

Visit us at www.taver.es and learn about our group, products and projects.