A Clean Room is a room specially designed to obtain low levels of contamination. A clean room must have strictly controlled environmental parameters: temperature, humidity, particles in air and air flow, interior pressure, lighting. The technology of the Clean Rooms is used by the microelectronics industry, the bio-pharmaceutical sector, hospitals, operating rooms, IVF laboratories, the food industry, research laboratories, confinement spaces …

The concept of Clean Room arises from the need to have an enclosure in which certain processes and operations can be carried out safely, avoiding any type of contamination, guaranteeing the safety and quality of the manufactured product or process executed. They are designed and built with the aim of minimizing the penetration, generation and retention of particles within the room, and the assurance of a differential pressure, temperature and other variables such as relative humidity or light levels will be kept within specific limits, depending on the needs of each room.

The requirements cited so far mean that the architecture of a Clean or White Room must take into account some basic aspects: tightness of the enclosures and ceilings; also, that accessories such as doors, windows and lights ensure the hermeticity of the room.

At GRUPOTAVER® we manufacture an ideal insulating panel for the construction of a Clean Room: it is the Instaclack® panel. It proposes an exclusive mechanical joining system -from our investment in R + D + i- that provides maximum tightness to the joints, an installation without any type of sealing that minimizes air traffic and the penetration of particles into the room, as well as the environmental conditions required by the installation: temperature, humidity and pressure.

Our experience ranges from rooms for the safe handling of, rooms for the manufacture of surgical material, rooms for the pharmaceutical industry … highly complex projects where maximum excellence is the minimum required.

At GRUPOTAVER® we are up to the task. You are invited to learn more.