Thermal insulation plays a fundamental role in optimizing energy consumption, significantly contributing to the sustainability of the planet. The limited availability of natural resources and the capacity to absorb greenhouse gases forces us to make a rational use of energy to reduce negative impacts on the environment.

In this context, the important role that insulating panels play in different constructions as a means of reducing energy consumption is well known. Additionally, they contribute significantly to the healthiness of the interior of the space they close, since they also contribute to the reduction of the risk of condensation and prevent the proliferation of microorganisms.

At the Taver® Group we are proud to say that we manufacture the most thermally efficient continuous panel on the market with a thermal conductivity that is unbeatable: l  = 0.0169 W / m · k. It is the QUANTEC® technology, which is based on two characteristics that make it unique: a state-of-the-art microcellular insulation, with a new ultra-efficient PIR formula, and a novel joint system, with triple tongue and groove and perfect profiling that is achieved with a final grinding unique in the market, ensuring insulation with a perfect thermal barrier.

The better the insulation, the better the energy efficiency of a building or cold room; the higher the quality of the material used, the greater the effectiveness and life cycle.

A product that we put in the hands of installers, refrigerators and engineering companies to guarantee the success of their projects, which will also be ours.

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