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Cámaras Frigoríficas Modulares

Refrigeration Panel INSTACLACK®

· Exclusive mechanical panel joining system resulting from continuous R&D work.
· Internationally patented
· Quick and efficient assembly.
· Provides maximum airtightness for joints.

Refrigeration Panel Taver Instaclack® allows, as an option, having a different surface in each of the panel’s sides, even different surfaces in the same side. These polyvalence and versatility are unique in the market.

· Mechanical union system assuring the highest air tightness


· Assembly with no need of joint sealing


· System minimizing the thermic loses, providing more energetical efficiency


· Specially designed panel for the most demanding cooling and sanitary applications


· All panel assemblies can be done through Instaclack mechanical union. In vertical-roof panel’s union can we use both Instaclack mechanical system, as well as a fitting system, in which the roof panel rest on top of the vertical panel.


· It can be installed as a hidden roof’s suspension system allowing a passable roof free of fixation elements on its exterior side.

Panel frigorífico

· Available thicknesses:

grosor panel

· Insulating core with best fire certification (B-s1,d0)


· Roof suspension with hidden anchorages, being a complement to the mechanical union system.

This differs from others by:
· Passable roof free of fixation elements in its interior part


· No thermal bridge


· Better panel performance. Instaclack mechanical fixation, together with its suspension system, optimises the lifetime of the sandwich panel

Panel frigorífico

Although we recommend the panel to be installed following this exclusive construction solution, Instaclack panel can also be installed with standard suspension system, such as omegas and profiling, if the prescriber considers this as a better option.


· Profiled panel in its four edges, custom-made and with no cuts, avoiding any oxidation point.


· Density of the insulating core: 42+/-2 Kg/m³


· Standard width of 1140mm (3 modular widths available: 380mm, 760mm and 1140mm; for 40mm thickness, modular widths of 380mm, 760mm and 930mm). Any kind of width is optional up to 1140mm.


· Maximum length of 12940mm


· Base material: galvanised steel according to EN10142 – EN10147 standard, with Z140 or Z200 surface treatment for a better protection and resistance to oxidation. Food Hygiene certificate.


· Standard sheet thickness: 0.5mm (0.4, 0.6 and 0.8mm as an option).
· There is a high number of available finishing which adapt to the needs of each project: lacquered, PVC, Granite HDX, Polyester, Stainless Steel (AISI 304, AISI 316L) and many others.

capas instaclack

·  Floor:

Reinforced floor: anti-slipping with high resistance to compression. Taber Abraser test with a 1100 coefficient.


Stainless anti-slipping floor, 0.8mm thickness. R13 ground adhesion and anti-slipping category.


Reinforced stainless anti-slipping floor: designed for the usage of hand pallet trucks. Steel anti-slipping plate + reinforced MDF water repellent board.


· Obra civil con placas de PIR o poliestireno y capas de impermeabilización de alta capacidad a la compresión


· Civil work with PIR or polystyrene plates with high capacity against compression sealing plates


· B-s1,d0 certificate: self-extinguishing, with low contribution to smoke, without burning droplets


Available all necessary accessories to complete your installation

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Panel frigorífico

Removable, Reusable and Expandable:

Can be assembled and disassembled as many times as necessary without affecting the panel’s qualities. If needed, the system allows you to expand the dimensions simply by adding the necessary panels. It is not an expense; it is an investment.

Panel frigorífico

Easy Assembly:

Taver Instaclack® panels allow you to assemble a cold room in just five minutes without specialisedlabour through an error-proof system. Panel installation does not require sealing joints or additional silicones.

Panel modular

Bespoke with no visible cuts:

Instaclack® panels are tailored to the customer’s needs: We offer a customised solution for eachproject as per the required measurements. Panels up to 13 metres long can be manufactured in one piece.

Panel modular

Exclusive patented panel joint system:

This system allows greater airtightness in the joint section, ensuring that the set of panels are robust, and thus, improving refrigeration. Modular Instaclack ® panels allow placing the mechanical joint system in the four corners.

Panel frigorífico

Closed mould panel with profiled edges:

This protects the panel against oxidation and premature deterioration thanks to the sheets “embedded” in the insulating core that prevent contact with air. No panel cutting nor using additional profiling or angles is necessary.

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Delivery within 24h. Taver is your warehouse:

Instaclack® is a modular system that allows you to assemble a cold room down to the centimetre with a warehouse stock that ensures delivery in record time.

Panel modular

Totally hygienic and maintenance-free:

No sealing or silicone needed, as the system incorporates a weather strip, which allows a perfect finish that ensures hygiene. Thanks to this panel joint system, no maintenance is required after installation. Food Hygiene Certification.

Panel modular

Greater energy savings and sustainability:

We are able to minimise thermal losses, which means greater energy efficiency, resulting in upon 40% savings on the electricity bill. We protect the environment by reducing CO2 emissions to the atmosphere.

Panel modular

Panels with high-performance insulation:

70 mm, 100 mm and 155 mm thick injected polyurethane sandwich panels. With a density of 42 + – 2Kg/m3, thickness of 0.5 mm on the inside and outside, and a thermal conductivity of 0.023 W/mk.

Panel modular

Accessories and Gear:

Instaclack® modular panel system is complemented by a wide range of accessories: doors, sight glasses, windows, ramps, guards, shelves… Personalise your modular chamber with the accessories you need; Taver® offers all the solutions.