fabrica martorelles


In this week’s post we present our Martorelles factory, where we manufacture Instaclack®, our exclusive discontinuous mechanical closure panel.

It is a facility launched in 1991, where a new production line is launched; Shortly afterwards, the production line was moved from Sant Adria, concentrating both lines in the center of Martorelles.

As a result of our innovative capacity, Continuous Improvement and R&D&I, we launched various technological updates in both lines, such as pentanization or robotization of the injection system, in addition to increasing the range of panel thicknesses and the adaptation of the presses to be able to make very diverse panels intended for other non-refrigeration applications.

Two years ago, the incorporation of two photovoltaic plants of 100 kW each on the roofs of the two warehouses was completed, which produce more than 50% of the energy we consume.

In Martorelles, Taver’s human team supervises production, order by order: order collection, conversion to panels, list of shipments, sales order, dismantling, shipment order, organization of the shipment / Weekly planning / grouping, Production order , execution.

The execution is carried out in one of the two production lines, depending on the client’s needs, the project and its customization:

  • An automated line, from order collection to dispatch, with several automated quality controls that guarantee first the mixture with the optimal quantities of polyol and isocyanate to obtain a rigid polyurethane foam of the highest quality, second an adequate distribution of the injection between the steel or polyester plates, and a final inspection.
  • A manual line, where we manufacture personalized parts, to ensure a refrigerated room of excellence with the same quality controls of the polyol and isocyanate mixture and perfect injection.

In the video we show the operation of one of the production lines of our Instaclack® panel.