The Glasgow Climate Pact starts from the fact that fossil fuel emissions are the cause of global warming. We refer to oil, coal and gas.

To better understand climate change, it is essential to distinguish between weather and climate:

  • Weather describes the weather at a specific moment. This varies in short periods of time.
  • The climate is the usual conditions that a certain place presents.

Climate change is characterized by a climatic event such as high temperatures, heavy rainfall, intense droughts, extreme temperature changes … regularly over a long period of time and in a specific place.

The main cause of climate change is the concentration of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere as a result of human activities. By increasing the capacity of the atmosphere to retain heat – the “greenhouse effect” – there is a global increase in average temperatures.

The Glasgow agreement commits the signatory countries to implement policies of greater control over methane emissions and to facilitate the transition towards the use of clean energy sources, reducing the use of oil, coal and gas. The objective is to achieve a gradual decarbonization of industries and economic activities that allows the temperature to not increase more than 1.5 degrees Celsius until 2050.

At the Taver Group we have been committed to this global goal for a long time; not only actively contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions with our products, given that their main characteristic is their high insulation capacity, thus contributing to energy savings. The concern for sustainability and the natural preservation of the planet is incorporated into the Group’s heritage through our Code of Ethics. We understand that success will only be achieved through individual commitment, and ours is unequivocal: all the energy consumption of our production plants is exclusively from renewable sources, and a good part of it comes from the self-consumption of the energy that we produce through of the two photovoltaic generation facilities located at the Martorelles plant.