The World Day for Safety and Health at Work 1

The World Day for Safety and Health at Work

The World Day for Safety and Health at Work, celebrated annually on April 28, promotes the prevention of accidents and occupational diseases throughout the world. This year focuses on promoting social dialogue towards a culture of safety and health.

In the workplace, a strong and inclusive OSH culture is one in which both management and workers value and promote the right to a safe and healthy work environment. In this way, workers feel comfortable raising their concerns about possible risks or hazards in the workplace and management collaborates with them to find appropriate, effective and sustainable solutions.

At @grupotaver, the safety and health of its workers is a priority, a factor that is part of our values. The importance we give to this aspect is substantiated by its inclusion in the Group’s Code of Ethics, and as such acts as a compass for our conduct inside and outside the company.

This inclusion is made through two of the five values ​​that inspire it: “Human Rights, the Environment and Safety” and “The Safety and Health of Workers”; Adherence to ILO guidelines and implementation of mandatory protection and safety standards and execution of adequate training programs in preventive matters so that each task is carried out in terms of safety.

At the @grupotaver we practice the “Zero Tolerance” policy with work accidents, a matter of business self-demand and social commitment, we take responsibility to improve what is in our hands and to positively influence our partners and associates.