We have all the accessories to complete your installation 1

We have all the accessories to complete your installation

On other occasions we have dedicated this space to talk about the quality of our thermal insulating panels, how they contribute so that the conservation, storage, handling and distribution processes of our clients are more efficient from an energy point of view, and the savings that this means for your income statement.

At @Grupo Taver we know that the efficiency of an installation also depends on the quality of the accessories that complete a refrigeration installation; Choosing the right components will make the installation safer for employees, ensure its isolation and hermeticism, help to meet the goal of energy saving and thus its profitability …

At @Grupo Taver we offer our clients a wide range of accessories at the level of our Instaclack® and Taverkont® panels; accessories that meet our standard of exigency Total Taver Quality.

Slat curtains, windows, windows and glass; fast, swing, pivoting, sliding and service doors; displays, shelves and floors; ramps, protections, emergency equipment … All kinds of accessories to have a refrigeration installation.

Visit our website and tell us what your project is, one of our technicians will advise you so that it complies with the functionality you need.