Saturday June 5 is World Environment Day, an important date on the United Nations calendar. The commemoration of this day has become a global platform for the dissemination and awareness of the protection of our planet.

Coinciding with this celebration, at the Taver® Group we started up a second photovoltaic power generation facility for self-consumption with a power of 100 kW, thus doubling the electricity generation capacity, raising it to 200 kW. We think that the future is based on efficient consumption and the use of renewable energy.

Commitment to the environment, sustainability and the fight against climate change is a priority for the Taver® Group. Every day we help our clients’ efficiency by improving their facilities, either with our Taver Instaclack® or Taverkont® insulating panels or with our construction proposals for roofs, Tavercub F-PIR®, facades, Taverfac F-PIR® and Tabiclack® construction panel.

In the Taver® Group we have it clear, and you?

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