World Environmental Education Day 1

World Environmental Education Day

On January 26, World Environmental Education Day is celebrated, an event that was born in 1975 in Belgrade within the International Seminar on Environmental Education sponsored by the UN, and which seeks to make people aware of the need to find balance between human development and the conservation of the planet.

A fundamental purpose of environmental education is to ensure that both individuals and communities understand the complex nature of the environment and acquire the knowledge, values ​​and practical skills to participate responsibly and effectively in the prevention and solution of environmental problems and in environmental quality management. The underlying idea is very simple: people and companies must take responsibility for our individual attitude, it is what is in our hands, under our control; the sum of individual performances will lead us to collective success. In short, deciding whether we want to be part of the problem or part of the solution.

At @GrupoTaver, we have been working on the sustainability of our industrial activity for some time; Through the installation of solar panels on the roof of our factory in Martorelles, we generate enough electricity to be self-sufficient. The profit is double, zero contribution to the generation of CO2 and reduction of uncertainty due to the volatility and increase in energy prices. Our good environmental management has merited the renewal for 2022 of the AENOR ISO 14001 Certificate, awarded for the first time in 2010.

And not only, but our care for environmental sustainability has also led us to design production processes that favor energy saving and favor the recycling of the materials we use.