We celebrate World Energy Saving Day 1

We celebrate World Energy Saving Day

What means energy saving?

Saving or energy efficiency consists to use energy in a better way. That is, with the same amount of energy or with less, obtain the same results. This can be achieved through changing habits, using more efficient technologies, or a combination of both.

The insulating panels, by its own characteristics, by its own characteristics, are elements that support energy efficiency thanks to their benefits. But it is important that they meet some attributes that will make it more or less efficient:

 • High density of the insulating core

• Thermal transmittance: the lowest ʎ possible

• The design of the joint and its tightness: we must avoid thermal leaks

• A good installation surely

Selecting a good product will save you a lot of energy: you will contribute with your grain of sand to improve the environmental situation and you will be benefited with a lower cost on the bill ?