A piglet farm is not just any construction ? 1

A piglet farm is not just any construction ?

Do you know that to raise piglets increasing their productivity you need to create a temperate environment at a constant 25º?

A huge amount of slurry is generated on a pig farm. The gases emitted by these slurries create a high rate of oxidation that can cause the internal walls of the facility can disintegrate quickly.

Without forgetting the importance of the structural and mechanical capacity that the panels must have to withstand the blows produced by the sows.

For this reason, it is very important that before its construction its design must be studied, and the materials should be properly selected.

Our technical team has a solution. Instaclack® insulating panels special for farms.

And how they are? ?

Exterior face in Fibercement and interior face with double finish, lower part in stainless steel (where there is more direct contact with animals and waste) and upper part in polyester.

? More durability and hygiene ?