salas blancas


A White Room or Clean Room is an installation designed to obtain a space with a very low level of contamination. To achieve this, it is necessary to control the temperature, the humidity, the volume of particles in suspension in the air, the air flow, the lighting, the internal pressure…

Which sectors of economic activity use this type of technology? Many and varied: the optical industry, the health sector, the biotechnology sector, the pharmaceutical industry, the agri-food sector… In a clean room masks, material for surgical use, are produced; a laboratory is only possible in a clean room.

In the @GrupoTaver we are very proud to have been chosen as partners for the construction of clean rooms for leading global pharmaceuticals, in hospitals, in food industry laboratories, in laboratories for the creation of essences for the perfume industry.

We perform with quality, our clients know it; for example, the work we have developed for a multinational in the food sector.