This week from @gruopotaver we present you a unique installation built with our Instaclack® insulating panels. It is an enclosure set up nine years ago in the outdoor patio of an establishment belonging to a well-known fast food chain and which is intended for the storage of waste.

For its assembly, our well-known taver instaclack® panel was used, whose exclusive mechanical joint system ensures maximum hermeticity, being optimal for sanitary installations.

The panels were manufactured with a melamine exterior finish with the client’s corporate colors on the outside and lacquered steel on the inside, optimal for the sanitary functionality assigned to it.

Despite the inexorable passage of time, the panels remain as they were on the first day, perfectly fulfilling the double task for which they were designed: constructive and insulating.

A job that is a new example of the enormous versatility of Instaclack® panels.