"There are impacts of the climate crisis that are already irreversible" 1

“There are impacts of the climate crisis that are already irreversible”

“There are impacts of the climate crisis that are already irreversible” This is one of the conclusions of the latest United Nations report on global warming and climate change that was released this week.

Global warming is an incontestable fact and responsible for climate change, which, in turn, is the main cause of the natural disasters that have plagued us in recent years: this summer alone, floods in Germany, Belgium, Austria and Slovakia; an unprecedented heat wave in Europe that the drought suffered by the entire Mediterranean shoreline has turned the area’s forests into teas; the fire has destroyed 160,000 ha in Turkey, 65,000 in Greece, more than 20,000 in Sardinia, in Sicily more than 170 fires have occurred this last week. The phenomenon is global, so in the American West an area equivalent to the community of Cantabria has burned this summer, and in Australia the fires between June 2019 and May 20 destroyed an area equal to 20% of the area of ​​the Iberian Peninsula and killed more than a billion animals.

It is time for the States and the different supra-state organizations to act decisively, to take and apply the macro measures that are necessary; it is an obligation towards current citizens and towards future generations. It is also time for each of us individually to act responsibly. Our individual performance – companies and citizens – is no less important than that of the States.

At Grupo Taver we have long incorporated into our ethical code the commitment to care for the Environment through compliance with the best existing environmental practices for our activities, anticipating and minimizing adverse impacts, and committing ourselves to the conservation of natural resources.

We are proud to be a company that only uses certified renewable energy in its activity and that has an environmental management system in accordance with the ISO Standard. Our continuous panel has EDP developed by Applus, providing information on the environmental impact of the product throughout its life cycle.

At Grupo Taver we know that the role we play does matter. The solution to environmental problems begins with the individual attitude.

The dilemma is simple: do we want to be part of the solution or continue to contribute to the problem? In Grupo Taver we have a clear the answer.

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